A teacher’s profession is one of the most respected and satisfying career options. A teacher helps to guide the students on the right path and build their character. Having proper training in the field helps aspiring professionals acquire the skills essential for overcoming the everyday challenges they are likely to face. The B.Ed course offered by the Teachers Training Institute of India (TTII) provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach up to secondary school levels.

An Overview Of B.Ed. 

Bachelor of Education, commonly known as B.Ed, is a 2 years teacher training course offered to students who have completed their graduate studies in any field. The course equips aspiring candidates with professional skills and knowledge about the best ways to teach children and handle them effectively. The course is also offered as an integrated 4-year degree program for candidates after they have passed their higher secondary examination.

Course Structure 

Students enrolling for the B.Ed. courses with TTII are required to complete seven subjects in the first year and six subjects in the second year. The candidates are offered a choice of seventh and sixth subjects in the first and second year as per their field of interest. All the subjects are theory-based and offer six credits each to the students. The subjects include the following.

First Year

  • Childhood and Growing Up
  • Contemporary Indian Education Gender & Society
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Assessment and Evaluation for Learning
  • Advanced Pedagogy and application of ICT
  • English
  • History/Geography/General Science/Mathematics

Second Year

  • Quality and Management of School Education
  • Knowledge and Curriculum Language Across Curriculum
  • School and Inclusive School
  • Education for Human Rights and Peace Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Environment
  • History/Geography/General Science/Mathematics

Benefits Of Pursuing B.Ed.

Pursuing the B.Ed. course offers the following benefits to aspiring candidates.

  • It enhances the career scope of the candidates in the education sector.
  • Candidates learn different methods for teaching and training the students.
  • Students can pursue higher education in the field in the form of M. Ed.
  • Candidates are preferred for placement in teaching jobs in government and elite private institutions.

Why Choose TTII 

TTII is a renowned institute that offers a multi-disciplinary education platform for training teachers. We provide comprehensive, innovative, and lifetime teaching resources with our programs to help our trainees excel in their chosen field. We help our trainees to develop innovative techniques and advanced teaching skills that make them a great fit in various educational setups. We support our students in their journey of education and success by promoting active learning and productivity.

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