A Pre-School is an important setting where very young children are exposed to the outside world after leaving their protective home environment. The establishment and effective operation of a Pre-School Center necessitates a high level of administrative expertise and understanding. Unlike the setup for adult students, the layout and management of such a centre are complex. The cornerstone for a high-quality preschool is a thorough awareness of modern preschool administration and in-depth knowledge of contemporary principles. Individuals who wish to open a Pre-school have no other realistic option but to obtain the necessary information through various courses such as the certificate course in Pre-school Management.

About our course

Our Teachers Training’s Certificate course in Play School Management programme simplifies management principles and procedures for students to grasp. It covers all aspects, including the initial framework, financial planning/budgeting, specific infrastructural requirements, Course Curriculum Planning and Evaluation Methods, Classroom Management Strategy, Safety and Security Considerations for Young Children, Play-way Concept Principles and Tools, HR Management, and so on.

The Certificate course in Play School Management enlightens ambitious individuals on all of the aforementioned factors, which are deemed necessary for effectively establishing and operating a pre-school. Anyone who wants to open a Pre-School Center should educate herself on the above-mentioned aspects of preschool administration.

The training provides an individual with the necessary information to start a business in the pre-primary/daycare centre segment. It gives an excellent opportunity for a teacher, head of school, or school administrator to enhance their professional competence in pre-school teaching and administration by exposing them to new trends and concepts.

Job Prospects/Scope

After completing the course, successful Teachers Training trainees have a variety of options, including:

  • In the pre-primary sector, there is a lot of entrepreneurship.
  • In charge of a pre-school, daycare centre, or activity club.
  • In big educational institutions, Academic Co-ordinator.
  • An educator with excellent day-to-day management skills.

Who Should Participate?

  • Teaching staff who want to be more efficient in the day-to-day operation of a pre-school.
  • Heads of Schools who want to operate their schools efficiently while adopting current ideas.
  • Administrators who want to manage their schools more effectively.
  • Anyone interested in starting or working in a pre-school or daycare centre?

Why choose us?

We are a leading name in the industry that offers a certificate course in playschool management and helps you give wings to your career. Get in touch with us, and you can proudly become a well-trained teacher. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website for the right details.


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