NTT (Nursery Instructors’ Training) is a diploma program for teachers who want to educate and care for pre-school and kindergarten students. Before joining a workforce of several other pre-school teachers, this teacher workforce must finish a general NTT course. The NTT program is meant to assist students interested in becoming pre-school teachers in supporting the young minds of nursery school children. The course provides teachers who engage in this NTT course with various approaches that are useful in teaching young students and are crucial for their physical, cognitive, and social development.


When it comes to imparting education to the students, it is essential to focus on overall development with innovative teaching methods. Our faculty is well versed with the ideas that can help you teach the best to your students and help them enjoy your classes. Our team has experienced staff that has some trained experts who will guide you in the best manner.

Our teaching methodology

  • We make sure to keep the sessions interesting so that you can enjoy them while you learn.
  • There are short and long sessions, so help you out with exploring the concepts.
  • We focus more on hands-on learning so that you can be confident when you face the kids.


A minimum of 50 percent in their 10+2 board examinations from any recognized institute in any subject is required for admission to the NTT training diploma program for one year.

Skills needed

The following are some of the most critical skills to learn in NTT training:

  • Keeping yourself full of energy and positivity
  • The attitude of compassion and friendliness
  • Patience for all of the students in the class
  • a strong desire to work as a teacher
  • A keen eye for detail and, most importantly, great communication skills in a child-friendly language

Structure of the course

Our Nursery teacher training is a 10 month long progran where you are taught 5+3 subjects. The course includes:

  • Child psycology
  • Early childhood education
  • Health and nutrition
  • Modern method of teaching
  • School management and organisation
  • Art and craft
  • Computer education
  • Lesson plans

Why choose us?

We do not boast about ourselves, but the results that we have generated speak about our system. We are a leading institute that has been working and training teachers for a long time. Our courses are designed in such a manner that you can enjoy learning with creative methods so that you can implement the same on your kids too. We not only help you with academics but also guide you in how to keep your kids engaged with different activities. Our nursery teacher training course will help you polish your skills as a teacher and enjoy teaching the tiny tots. Enroll in our course today and spread your wings as a flourished teacher.


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